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15 Oct, 2018

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv hosted the kick-off meeting for the InventAir project on 11-12 October 2018 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

During the kick-off meeting EAP, FOCUS and DUH discussed the local situations in Bulgaria and Slovenia in terms of energy poverty and poor heating practices.The partners discussed the regulatory and policy barriers to good heating for the households and how this is reflected in the air quality status of the communities.

A small session on gap analysis was arranged by DUH to find the weak spots in the legislation and propose solutions. A mind-mapping exercise was performed to find the cross-cutting points of poor energy performance, poor quality wood and coal, and extreme air pollution.

EAP presented critical points related to energy data collection and procession and how this is reflected in the calculations of harmful emissions. A discussion was organised on the practices to keep the heating installations neat & clean so that their efficiency is improved - DUH told the story of the German chimney sweeps as a good example of how the heating practices among the households could be monitored and managed.

FOCUS gave insight on the energy poverty scope and aspects in the South-Eastern European countries based on their experience in the ACHIEVE and REACH projects. They stressed on the fact that policy is crucial when it comes to improving the housing conditions, energy efficiency and heating exchange actions.

During the second day of the meeting, the partners visited a mobile laboratory for air quality management and monitoring at the EAP. The laboratory, its equipment and modelling facilities were presented and its functions and capabilities explained thoroughly.

The kick-off meeting in Plovdiv laid the foundation of the Methodology and discussed the support of the external experts to the project to the overall development of EEC-wide methodological frawmework that will be beneficial to the local communities. The partners discussed potential external experts to be invited to the project as well as the replicators that will be couched by the partners.

As a first face-to-face meeting, the kick-off in Plovdiv helped the partners lay a solid foundation of their future work and plan well-ahead. The team pinned some milestones to communicate to the external experts and stakeholders, so you will be hearing from us soon :)




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