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24 Oct, 2018

How does statistics on energy poverty tell us air pollution is a function of poor heating choices?

In Bulgaria energy statistics shows that more than 75% of the households could be considered fuel poor, using inefficient heating equipment and poor quality fuel which account for significant emission pollutants. The current programmes that could support energy poor households – the National Programme for Retrofitting of Homes and the Winter Supplement Programme – are not aligned and integrated in the overall municipal strategies for sustainable energy development. Thus, they do not address the energy poverty issue sustainably - through joint indicators aiming at both reducing energy poverty and polluting emissions. Through the application of the Methodological framework and development of Woodstove Changeout Roadmaps within the InventAir project the link between energy poverty policies and air pollution will become explicit to the local and national authorities in Bulgaria and will trigger debate on integrated policy planning that will bring multiple benefits for energy, climate and environment issues.

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