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10 Nov, 2018

The InventAir project reaches out to a number of other EU projects under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, Horizon 2020 and LIFE+.


The InventAir project and partners remember and honour EU-wide project that led us to the InventAir initiative as a whole. These are projects that widely influenced the consortium members and have brought all the ideas together in a completely new project.


1. Data4Action project, with the participation of EAP, established long-term data exchange models in sustainable energy planning, through a cooperation between public authorities and energy data providers. The project partners established 12 new energy data observatories representing more than five thousand municipalities.

Data4Action developed a comprehensive data access guidebook which you can download from here.


2. Reach project, led by FOCUS and with the participation of EAP, contributed to energy poverty and abatement at practical and structural level, and empowered energy poor households to take actions to save energy and change habits.

Reach brought up convincing data and evidence for the energy poverty situaiton in the South-Eastern member states. You can read its analysis here.


3. Clean Heat project, with the participation of DUH, aims to significantly reduce the particulate matter pollution caused by wood burning. It provides technological and political solutions and provides comprehensive consumer information.

Clean heat has produced a number of intriguing materials that you can download from here, and you can watch the project video here.






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