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07 Jan, 2019

The InventAir project issues its first report on the status of the energy poverty and air quality status in the Eastern European Countries.

Although the energy poverty theme is rapidly spreading over the EU, it has distinct specificities in Eastern European Countries (EEC): low-income households cannot afford to
change the old inefficient heating equipment or replace the poor-quality heating fuels. Thus, they become the primary cause of dramatic seasonal increases in air pollution in their communities. The lack of precise data on the quantities and quality of the fuels used makes estimation of environmental, climate and health impacts difficult.

The InventAir project looks into the roots of these issues and discusses statistical data proving that Eastern European communities struggle with polluted air due to poor heating fuels and stoves. The report reflects on the current status and information and where the gaps in the policy and action are.

You can read the document in the Methodology section.


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