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02 Apr, 2019

Two European organisations have been chosen to be project's replicators.


The first replicator of the InventAir project is DOOR (Croatia). DOOR is a civil society organization of experts devoted to the promotion of sustainable energy development. They have been involved in numerous projects on energy poverty.

During the session EAP presented the InventAir project concept and activities and highlighted the benefits of the Methodological framework. EAP presented the Bulgarian case study. The discussion that followed focused on the potential for energy services provision to energy poor households and the availability of national funding for such purposes – in Bulgaria and Croatia there are national programmes for renovation, which do not fund heating. In Croatia there is a separate programme for heating only whereas in Bulgaria such an initiative will be launched in 2019-2023. The methodological approach may be very beneficial for estimating the impacts of such programmes or be embedded in SEAP/SECAP development.


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