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16 Apr, 2019

The InventAir EU-wide webinar for transfer of the project outcomes was held in cooperation with FEDARENE and the Covenant of Mayors on April 15th, 2019.

The InventAir project aims to explore the multiple environmental and climate impacts of energy poverty by focusing on the development and implementation of clean air and energy poverty policies in Eastern European countries (EEC). It will help shape local, national and EU policies and actions for tackling energy poverty and air pollution by bringing forwards and raising the public awareness on the link between the inefficient heating practices among energy poor households and the rapid air pollution in their communities.

During the webinar the Consortium presented the Methodological framework for mapping energy poverty and assessing its climate impacts developed within the project and showcased two roadmaps for alleviation of the energy poverty and reduction of the air pollution based on the Methodology.

Presentations from the webinar can be found at the Project materials page.

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