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23 Apr, 2019

CEE Tuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina) is the second replicator of the InventAir project.

The Center for Ecology and Energy Tuzla is a non-governmental organization that encourages sustainable development in the field of environmental protection, utilizing a combination of educational and practical work with cooperation at all levels of society and investment in the people’s resources. Special attention is being focused on air quality, as Tuzla is one of the most air polluted cities in Europe.

During the replication session FOCUS presented the InventAir project concept and activities, project partners and relevance of the topics of energy poverty and air quality and their interdependence. FOCUS presented the Methodological framework that was developed in the scope of the project and both of the Case studies or Roadmaps for Smolyan in Bulgaria and Zagorje ob Savi in Slovenia. This part was concluded with presentation of the benefits of the developed methodological approach.

Additional recommendations for local and national level decision-makers and relevant stakeholders were presented, that was followed by en explanation of how this approach could be beneficial also for the Municipality of Tuzla in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Activities related to energy poverty and air quality that are being implemented in Slovenia were discussed, as well as current situation regarding both of the topics in B & H, and CEE Tuzla’s activities and projects (past and present) that deal with energy poverty and air quality. Agreement was made that both organizations will exchange relevant material with each other, and that possibilities for future cooperation on the topics of energy poverty and air quality will be considered.




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