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The InventAir project built upon the experiences of the policy implementation across the Eastern European Countries and issued specific policy recommendations and fact-sheets to support the national policy background and provide tailor-made solutions to the barriers faced by the local communities when tackling energy poverty and air pollution. You can download them from the respective links:


1. Policy recommendations on energy poverty identificaion and segmentation (FOCUS)

2. Experts recommendations for estimating multiple impacts of energy poverty (EAP)

3. Fact-sheets on the relation between energy poverty and air pollution in the EEC (DUH)


And a bonus policy sheets on specific measures to stop the polluting residential fuels - Experts’ recommendations to alleviating energy poverty and reducing air pollution.


The recomendations encompass different policy approaches to energy poverty segmentation and propose a variety of criteria to apply to different target groups. They also suggest ways to align it with existing legislation and regulations.They give insights into the relationships between energy consumption and its polluting emissions and how new technologies and renewable resources could be the key to improved heating in the EEC that instead of damaging the local cities and their citizens’ health support local utilisation of resources and promote circular economy.



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