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The InventAir project has a small team of three European organisations working in the field of energy, environmental, climate, society and health.


1.     Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP)

Established in 1999 under the SAVE II Programme of the EC, EAP is a non-profit NGO promoting the sustainable energy development of the local communities in Bulgaria through energy efficiency and deployment of renewable energy sources. EAP has participated in EU projects for alleviating energy poverty (Achieve, Reach) and cooperated with local stakeholders on energy poverty campaigning. EAP runs a Laboratory for Air Quality Management and Monitoring and an Observatory for Energy and Climate data. EAP has developed municipal strategies and action plans on sustainable energy development (incl. SEAPs/SECAPs), air quality, climate mitigation/adaptation, etc.

·         Role in the InventAir project

EAP will lead and coordinate the project activities. It will lead the development of methodological framework for mapping and multiple impact assessment of energy poverty and Woodstove Roadmaps, and also replication by other organisations and transferring capacity at EU level. EAP will take up the analytical project tasks related to bridging energy poverty and clean air actions and policies, and will explore how introducing improved policies could bring multiple benefits, i.e. alleviating energy poverty and reducing air pollution.


2.     Focus Association for Sustainable Development (FOCUS)

        Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit environmental organisation. The mission of Focus is to stimulate solutions for environmentally and socially responsible life through education, awareness raising and co-shaping policies in the field of climate change. Work is focused on the issues of climate, energy, mobility, global responsibility and consumption. The work runs at local, national, and EU level. Through its Energy program Focus stimulates rational use of energy, use of renewables and intelligent networks. One of the key fields in energy efficiency is energy poverty issue, with which Focus deals actively since 2011 (European projects Achieve and REACH).

·         Role in the InventAir project

FOCUS will lead policy development and will thus compile policy briefs on energy poverty and support EAP in delivering a policy brief on its link with clean air policies. FOCUS will coordinate project activities related to energy poverty policy research and its mapping across EEC, linking local and energy poverty policies with EU targets. FOCUS will investigate the impacts of different policy approaches to alleviating energy poverty and will integrate the policy aspect in the methodological framework.


3.     Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH)

        Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, DUH) is an environmental and consumer protection organisation and has been working for many years in the area of climate protection and air pollution control. Since 2009, DUH has been coordinating several Europe-wide campaigns on clean air policy, like ‘Soot Free for the Climate’, ‘Clean Air’ and ‘Clean Heat’. In the course of these activities, DUH has established numerous contacts to experts and decision makers in the field of health, technology and politics both at national and European level.

·         Role in the InventAir Project

DUH will lead and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and know-how between advanced German experience and Eastern European experts within a co-creation session. Through its moderating role, DUH will have active part in defining, developing and refining the methodological framework. DUH will support EAP and FOCUS in Woodstove Changeout Roadmap development, delivering improved policies for local and national level and triggering replication across EEC.


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